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Mila Kunis and Her Husband Raised $34.5 Million To Help Ukraine in Two Weeks

Mila Kunis Ukraine

Mila Kunis, together with Ashton Kutcher, continue to raise funds to help Ukraine, which is waging a heroic struggle against Russian invaders.

An American actress of Ukrainian origin and a Hollywood actor said that the amount they managed to raise to help Ukraine exceeded their expectations. Exactly a week ago, they reported that they had collected 20 million dollars for the motherland of the actress. The couple then set another ambitious goal of raising 30 million dollars. 

On Saturday, March 19, the lovers reported that by joint efforts they managed to exceed expectations and raise 34.5 million dollars, saying that 65,000 of their subscribers donated money for Ukrainians.

Mila and her husband thank everyone for their support and added that the work is not yet finished. The star couple continues to raise funds to help the Ukrainians.

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