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Singer Miley Cyrus Canceled Concert After Lightning Strikes Her Plane

Miley Cyrus Storm

Miley Cyrus shared with her followers an incident that happened to her on the way to a music festival in Paraguay. The audience did not wait for the performance of the artist, because her plane was forced to make an emergency landing. The board, on which the American singer was, fell into a storm, and the hull of the liner was damaged by a lightning strike.

Miley made a video recording at the moment of a lightning strike. In a short video, flashes are clearly visible outside the window of the plane. The singer also added a photo of the damage to the aircraft.

Cyrus was heading to Paraguay for the Asunciónico festival in the capital, Asunción, which has not been held since 2019 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The crew, group, friends, and family who traveled with the singer are reported to be fine after the emergency landing. 

The city has been suffering from flooding in recent days following heavy rains. The organizers of the festival have already canceled the first day of the festival due to technical difficulties related to the weather, where Doja Cat, Machine Gun Kelly, and others were supposed to perform.

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