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Mocking / Sarcastic Spongebob Meme

mocking spongebob meme

ArE YoU ReAdY tO GeT ViRaL? Let’s continue speaking about original stories of memes and how they became popular all over the world! Continue reading about mocking SpongeBob meme below.

What Chicken SpongeBob Is About?

Spongemock, more known as Mocking SpongeBob, is a meme from the popular cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants featuring the main cartoon hero, SpongeBob, mocking in the Krusty Krabs. People apply such images to expose a mocking tone to an opinion or point of view. Basically, this picture is applied to refer to the mocking attitude by sending a sarcastic SpongeBob with a funny headline.

Genesis Of Chicken SpongeBob Meme

The picture of the noisy yellow sponge is originally taken from a series of one of the most famous cartoon shows. It is called "Little Yellow Boo" and it came out live on November 25th, 2012.

In the following episode one of the friends of SpongeBob and his colleague, Squidward Tentacles, was reading the diary of yellow sponge, where he finds that SpongeBob acting like a chicken every time he sees plaid.

One of the first versions of a meme appeared on 4th, 2017, when a picture was taken from a scene where SpongeBob mocking like a chicken.

The first user of Twitter who edited a picture and made a meme-post was @OGBEARD. Simply, he posted a screenshot featuring the moment where SpongeBob is acting like a CocoSponge. He added a headline with the following sentence: "How I stare back at little kids when they stare for too long." His tweet earned 73k+ retweets and 147,3k likes in less than a week (5 days).

Spreading Sarcastic SpongeBob Meme

On May 5th, 2017, the user calling himself as @lexysaeyang added the post on his page with the same screenshot as @OGBEARD. But he decided to add a headline with a call-and-response component to the meme. Because of this, the face of SpongeBob and his variation of lowercase and uppercase representing his mocking tone. This post on Twitter got 86,6k likes and 37,1k retweets. Such popularity was due to an additional attitude to the meme of a bird with arms.

The next representative of the chicken SpongeBob meme is @DaniLevyyy (user of Twitter) that made his edition on May 6th (the same year). He received about 86.9k retweets and 208.4k likes by tweeting a modification of the meme with a famous heading: "Americans: I need healthcare because I have cancer and I'm dying. Republicans: I NeEd hEaLtHcArE bEcAuSe I hAvE caNcEr aNd iM dYinG."

The Coolest Variations Of Mocking SpongeBob Meme

spongebob mocking
sarcastic spongebob
sarcastic spongebob meme

We have collected the greatest collection of memes about the chicken SpongeBob! Have fun and wish you laugh all day long!

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