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Molly Hurwitz and Matthew Perry Ended the Relationship: The Actor Has Never Been Married

Molly Hurwitz and Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry broke up with his fiancée after three years of relationship. A 51-year-old actor, who became famous for playing the role of Chandler in the TV series Friends, announced the breaking up of relations with 29-year-old lover Molly Hurwitz. Read also: Discover This Is Us Finale Recap Analysis and Get Ready for the Last One Appeared by 2022.

He announced this on June 1, explaining they couldn't work things out. Adding, he wishes her all the best. Matthew did not delete pictures with Molly from his social networks.

Matthew Perry and Molly Hurwitz began seeing each other back in 2018, and in November 2020, the ex-couple got engaged after being dating for two years. Molly Hurwitz and Matthew Perry met when the actor was undergoing a very difficult period in his life. He was struggling with drug addiction and depression, and Hurwitz helped him return to normal life.

The Canadian-American actor has no marriages and has no children. Previously, the actor was in a relationship with American actress Lizzie Kaplan, and in the 90s he had a short affair with actress Julia Roberts.
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