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The Premiere of the Film Morbius With Jared Leto Is Postponed for Two Months

morbius jared leto

Sony Pictures has recently announced another postponement of the Morbius premiere starring Jared Leto. This time, the film about a sick doctor who becomes a vampire has moved from the end of January to April 1.

The reason for the postponement for as much as two months is called the spread of coronavirus- the number of cases is growing markedly. And many viewers, probably because of the threat, will refuse unnecessary visits to cinemas in the coming weeks.

Earlier, the creators of the movie showed a fragment of the tape where the doctor undergoes a certain procedure and becomes a vampire. The character of Leto suffers from an incurable blood disease and reluctantly agrees to an experiment in the hope of saving his life, facing unforeseen consequences.

The premiere is postponed by Sony Pictures for the sixth time. Initially, the film was due out in July 2020.

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