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Mother Gave Birth to a Child Inside of Who the Doctors Discovered Another Twin

After the child was born, the doctors made an X-ray along with a series

The doctors were surprised by an extremely rare pregnancy that happens once in half a million. A newborn baby arrived with a twin in the belly.

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After the child was born, the doctors made an X-ray along with a series of other tests and discovered an embryo in the belly. This phenomenon is known as a fetus when one of the embryos is swallowed up by the other and is extremely rare. Before, doctors noticed an enlarged belly in the girl when they performed an ultrasound of the mother at a late stage. The child had a partially formed embryo with bones and a heart inside her.

Then, the baby girl underwent surgery to remove two sacs from the abdomen. And the doctors assumed that there were even more than one and they are still carrying some tests. The girl is now doing well and is expected to make a full recovery soon. She was released from the hospital and lives at home with her mother and other siblings.

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