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NASA and SpinLaunch Will Try To Test a Rocket-Free Space Slingshot

NASA and SpinLaunch

Already in 2022, NASA will test sending a satellite into Earth's orbit using an unusual launch technology developed by SpinLaunch. According to it, any payload weighing up to 200 kg can be sent into space not with the help of a conventional rocket but using an electric centrifuge. In it, the launch vehicle is accelerated to hypersonic speed and catapulted into orbit along with the cargo.

SpinLaunch believes the new kinetic launch system is more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly than launching a payload with a conventional launch vehicle.

True, this technology can only be used to launch satellites or other devices weighing no more than 200 kg. After all, the astronauts will not withstand the enormous load, especially since the booster rocket used here will pick up speed, which is more than 6 times the speed of sound and amounts to 8047 km/h.

According to SpinLaunch, their technology will allow satellites to be launched into space using only a quarter of the fuel needed for a conventional rocket, and the cost of such a launch will be 10 times cheaper than traditionally sending satellites into orbit.

NASA was interested in the new launch system and signed an agreement with SpinLaunch to conduct a test flight using the new installation. This launch will take place this year. NASA and SpinLaunch want to take the necessary measurements to make sure the system works as it should. The first full launch into orbit is scheduled for 2025.

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