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Navy Seals Copypasta: Meme About The Gorilla Warfare And Fake Navy Seals

navy seal meme

Navy Seals Copypasta has many alternative names and is known as the “Marine Copypasta”, “Internet Tough Guy Copypasta” and “Gorilla Warfare Copypasta.” This meme is a humorous address that contains strange statements and ridiculous threats. The guy on the Internet, which of course is not and this is all just a joke.

The author of the original post with the Navy Meme said that he is a former Navy SEAL with long combat experience. He claimed to know over 700 ways to kill a person with his bare hands or to have done 300 confirmed murders. After the appearance of this meme in 2012, many other stories were born, like the meme of John Copypasta.


Where did the Navy Seal Copypasta come from? It is known that copy-paste originated back in 2010. It is believed that she appeared on a board dedicated to images for military and weapon enthusiasts, Operator Chan.

The very first post was an archived image posted on the board on November 11, 2010, on 4chan about Otaku Culture.

After that, on May 24, 2012, an anonymous user of the 4chan portal tried to prove to everyone that he was the creator of the original copy-paste 2-3 years ago. Below you can see his posts in the thread.

Who to believe, and who was the creator of this copypasta? It is not very clear, but you can stick with the message from an anonymous user, although he might just want to take all the popularity from the Navy Seal Copypasta Meme to himself.


Navy Seal Copypasta Meme

The viral meme started gaining popularity on April 4, 2012, thanks to the fahottie Redditor. He took a screenshot of a YouTube comment with a copy-paste to the subreddit. This subreddit has received over 20,000 votes and almost 1,000 comments. All of this happened before this subreddit was archived.

After that, on May 22 of the same year, YouTuber Copypasta Sings made and uploaded a musical version of copypasta. She scored 87,700 views and 780 likes over the next 9 months.

On August 17, an Urban Dictionary contributor coined the term "gorilla warfare". He defined it as the training that "fake seals" receive.

Richie Phelps Post

Richie Phelps Post

On February 13, 2013, a boy named Richie Phelps updated his Facebook status with a copy-paste version that was adapted to Mexican slang. Probably, the boy did not know what is Navy Seal Copypasta and simply downloaded the copied text due to the fact that he was only 10 years old and did not understand what it was.

A few hours after updating his status, the boy's text went viral because many users started to create photoshopped pictures of Phelps's face. Why? Because in his status, he boasted of “extensive military training” and “an arsenal of weapons”, but they did not know that it was a copied message…

The creators of the blog tried to tell you what Navy Seal Copy-paste is and about the history of its distribution. Be careful what you post so as not to get into the situation with Richie Phelps.

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