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Netflix Adaptation Meme: Origins, Meaning And Cool Compilation Of Images

A Netflix adaptation meme is a picture that compares potential adaptations from Netflix to different kinds of creativity like movies, books, or cartoons. The joke is based on the fact that in modern adaptations the original is often changed for the worse. The actors may not be like the original characters, and the adaptation distorts the plot. The fans don't like it.

Meme Origin

netflix adaptation meme

On September 17, 2018, a Reddit user under the nickname localConurbano posted a manga anime Netflix adaptation meme on the subreddit / r / Animemes, in which he jokingly compares the “evolution” of the representation of one of the anime characters. The final panel of the manga anime Netflix adaptation template depicts a black guy wearing a wig instead of a white anime girl. Over the next two days, the image received over 5600 upvotes.

manga anime netflix adaptation

A day later, a user with the nickname Fresded4ty uploaded an image comparing the appearance of the Dragon Ball character in the anime, manga, and Netflix adaptation. For the joke about the unsuccessful manga anime Netflix meme, a photo of an equally unsuccessful cosplay was chosen. This post has collected over 11 thousand upvotes.

manga anime netflix

On the same day, a user under the nickname PropaneSalesman7 uploaded a version of the “adaptation” to the /r/dankmemes subreddit, inserting images from the Spider-Man cartoon and comics, comparing them to bad cosplay. This version received over 32 thousand upvotes.

manga anime netflix meme

Another version of the manga anime Netflix meme with comparisons was posted on September 19, 2018, featuring a drawn girl (this is Marcia – a PiewDiePie wife) and her real photo. And as you might guess, nothing good can be expected from the “adaptation of Netflix”.

anime manga netflix meme

After the September news about Netflix's choice of a black actress for the role of Ciri in the film adaptation of The Witcher (which turned out to be not entirely reliable), or Netflix's work on the film adaptation of Avatar, Runet also began comparing the original characters and their potential film adaptations. The main character of the animated series “Avatar” Aang, who, according to viewers, would also become black in the movies from Netflix, fell under the distribution.

Meaning of Anime Manga Netflix Meme

People don't like it when their favorite characters from books, games, or cartoons are presented in a completely different way. In Social Justice Warriors (SJW) activism in films and TV series, racial and gender “diversity” is sought. Sometimes it gets to the point of absurdity: whites play Asians, and blacks play white characters.

That is why the network decided to mock Netflix's over-the-top cravings to meet all SJWs requirements for “diversity”. Although most of all such news is still at the level of speculation and rumors.

Top Netflix Adaptation Memes

anime netflix adaptation meme

Funny manga anime Netflix adaptation meme about a boar from the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. In the adaptation from Netflix, this character would look like Peppa Pig. This is just a fan of this anime who decided to make a cosplay but did not find a wild boar mask like that of the character and decided to replace it with the head of Peppa Pig.

manga anime live action meme

Patrick from the cartoon SpongeBob turned into a starfish from real life and looks very scary. Netflix, as always, presented the character in their vision, but this time it turned out scary and it's a sin not to make such an anime Netflix adaptation meme.

netflix live adaptation meme

The Pokémon on this meme looks very cute, especially its appearance in the game, but just look at how you might look if Netflix took on the adaptation of Pokémon. A very strange costume that rather frightens than touches the viewer, do you think?

netflix adaptation anime meme

Do you recognize Pepe the Frog in the expression on this Asian man's face? We’ll find out because he narrowed his eyes tightly and pressed his lips in such a way that he almost exactly repeated the image of this meme. He did not do any of this, and this is his relaxed face, but this did not stop social network users from making such a Netflix live adaptation meme.

The authors of the blog can now be sure that you have read the Netflix adaptation anime meme, you know its origin story, as well as its meaning. If you come across other memes about adaptation from Netflix, then by all means remember our article.

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