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Netflix Presented a Series About a Girl, Who Deceived People Out of Millions of Dollars

inventing anna netflix

On February 11, Inventing Anna premiered on Netflix. It was directed by Shonda Rhimes, who is responsible for the series The Bridgertons. The project is based on the case of Anna Delvey (Sorokin). Julia Garner plays the lead role in the series.

The story is about a Russian girl who scammed the richest people in New York. For several years, the girl, using fraud, took loans from large banks and investment funds and never repaid her debts. She led everyone to believe that she was the heiress of a German businessman and for several years lived at the expense of the New York elite. Delvey stole money from big financiers, philanthropists, gallery owners, real estate developers, and banks.

The plot of the series revolves around a journalist who studies the history of Delvey and tries to figure out how she pulled off a fraudulent scheme.

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