"Sabrina's Chilling Adventures" Tweet: Netflix Is Completely Insensitive
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Netflix Starting 2021 With Epic Fail? Real Hellfire After "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"s Tweet

netflix epic fail

A huge scandal slightly toasted Netflix’s reputation in 2021. Recently on the official Twitter page for Netflix’s show (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) appeared a completely insensitive tweet for a vast part of the global community. So, this past weekend we saw a behind-the-scenes post about one of the series of a new fourth season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. In the picture, there were some main characters of the series splattered with fake blood (Kiernan Shipka, Jaz Sinclair, Gavin Leatherwood, Lucy Davis, Miranda Otto). The headline of the pic was the following one: “Sunday bloody Sunday.”

What Was Wrong?

netflix fail

So, firstly, we thought that there was nothing special but in reality, there was a dark side meaning to this post. A huge backlash wave together with users rage bumped into the office of Netflix because the caption seemed to be a reference to a traditional song of US-style with the same title. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” is about the atrocious Bloody Sunday massacre that happened in Derry, Northern Ireland in 1972. Obviously, a lot of people who felt the pun were in poor taste about it.

The reaction of Netflix was smooth and clean. The team paid attention to the reaction of people to their unacceptable tweet and quickly removed it.

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