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Netflix Suspend an Employee Who Criticized a Stand-Up Show With Jokes About LGBT People

Netflix scandal company suspended transgender

Netflix has fired a transgender employee who wrote about Dave Chappelle's latest performance on Twitter. In The Closer, released on October 5, the man joked about LGBTQ+ groups.

In the sixth and final performance of the comedian, which he recorded specifically for the service, Chappelle touched upon the themes of feminism, sexuality, and LGBT people. The comedian also ironically called himself transphobic several times throughout the show.

dave chapelle scandal

The next day, a software engineer tweeted about the comedian, stating that he was attacking the trans community. The tweet of Terra Field quickly became a discussion about freedom of speech and cultural limitations.

Shortly after the release of the special episode, employees began to ask questions about whether transgenders participated in deciding to broadcast the show. One of the workers also wondered how the company is going to fix this situation.

On October 8, Netflix co-CEO stated that Sticks & Stones has become the most-watched and most entertaining stand-up show. Ted Sarandos added that the company does not allow projects that incite violence on the platform. At the same time, they believe that the show does not overstep this line. Therefore, Ted refused to remove the standup concert from the service library despite criticism. In addition, he emphasized that there is special creative freedom for stand-up comedy, allowing things that are unacceptable in other places. Sarandos said that he does not refuse to cooperate with the comedian.

The company subsequently suspended Terra Field, along with two other workers, for attempting to visit a director-level meeting. Netflix argues that the situation is not related to the opinion expressed by Field: the fact is that employees came to a closed business event, available only to senior positions.

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