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In Britain, the Age of Buyers of Alcohol Is Now Determined by Smart Cameras

Neural Network

In Britain, the neural network was taught to determine the age of the buyer when buying alcohol. This will allow not to ask for a passport from each client. Some supermarket chains already have systems of smart video cameras that identify too young buyers of alcohol. The neural network will work on a database of anonymous faces.

If artificial intelligence considers that the buyer of alcohol is under 25 years old, then he will have to present an identity card to the store employee. Now the system checks clients only with their consent because it is at the testing stage.

The algorithm has already been tested on more than 125,000 people aged six to 60. On average, the neural network guessed age with an accuracy of 2.2 years- the error reached 1.5 years among 16-20-year-olds.

In the UK, the sale of alcohol is prohibited to persons under 18 years of age.

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