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New doll Lulu conquered the world and social media


If you are a fan of extraordinary Japanese trends, then you have definitely heard at least once of Kigurumi- a costume in the form of anime characters. But what is this new doll and why is it so popular? It is actually a fictional life-size doll character. The costume itself consists of a tight-fitting suit on which joints, a wig, and a mask have been drawn.

“As a child, I loved the doll so much that I once even wanted to become it. Nothing is more attractive to me. And it inspired me to create this character”- said Hitomi Komakisaid the designer of this unusual doll in an interview. He has one such suit at home, but he never wore it. He believes that the only women who can wear this costume are dancers and models, and their identities are kept secret. It is also believed that Komaki took this phenomenon to the next level by creating a figurine that can move like a human. This character truly destroys all our boundaries between reality and imagination. And that made it very popular on social media: more than 51,000 followers on Instagram, almost 30,000 followers on Twitter, and ten thousand more on Facebook.

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