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New Emoji Were Introduced: Pregnant Man, Bitten Lip, and K-Pop Gesture

New Emoji Were Introduced

Unicode, which presents new emoji every year, has officially approved and sent out the 14th version of the emoji set to developers, which will become available to users in September-October 2021. Among the new images you can find, for example, pregnant men along with non-binary people, as well as an orc, a molten face smiley, a military greeting, and much more.

In total, 37 new emojis and 838 new characters were added, which will soon appear in various messengers and social networks. There will now be a total of 3633 emojis, including variations with people of different skin colors.

The new Emoji Pack also features a bit lip, several new facial expressions, and hand gestures, including a finger-shaped heart (a popular gesture among fans of the K-Pop music genre), a disco ball, and soap bubbles. Also, there are 25 versions of the handshake- with hands of different skin shades and colors.

Operating system developers, including Apple, Google, Samsung, and Microsoft, have already received graphic sources, on the basis of which they can create their own versions of new emoticons. Towards the end of autumn or winter, they will begin to implement them into their operating systems.

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