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New Methods of Fighting Coronavirus: Chewing Gum and Mask Which Can Glow

Chewing Gum from covid19

In the United States, a group of scientists developed a chewing gum that interferes with the spread of the coronavirus. The creators of the new treatment for COVID-19 highlighted that the virus reproduces mainly in saliva. Particles of the virus are released when someone from the infected sneezes, coughs, or even just talks. Chewing gum will help neutralize the virus.

The gum contains the ACE2 protein- injections with it reduce viral load with severe infections. Scientists grew the protein in a laboratory and combined it with other substances. The new formulation was incorporated into a chewing gum that eventually blocks the ACE2 receptor.

glowing face mask from covid19

In addition, Japanese scientists created a protective mask that glows when in contact with particles of the coronavirus. The team of scientists noticed that ostriches are capable of producing several types of antibodies that neutralize foreign bodies in the body. As part of a study that took place in February, specialists injected deactivated particles of COVID-19 into the body of laboratory ostriches. As a result of the experiment, they extracted a large number of antibodies from the eggs laid by the birds.

Based on the material obtained, doctors created a protective filter treated with a fluorescent dye and placed it in a mask. It is noted that if contact with virus particles occurs, the surface of the mask will begin to glow.

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