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In New Zealand, Police Tried To Stop Protest With Songs of James Blunt

new zealand police muted protest
Authorities New Zealand's have used sprinklers and loudspeakers in their efforts to disperse the crowd

New Zealand police decided to use the music of British pop singer James Blunt in a recent attempt to calm down protesters who camped outside the Houses of Parliament.

Demonstrators angered by COVID-19 vaccine new orders have blocked the streets of the nation's capital. Local authorities tried to fix the situation. In order to get rid of the protesters, they used such measures as watering the lawn where they had set up camp. But people responded by digging channels.

When irrigation actions turned out to be inefficient, the police turned on a 15-minute broadcast over Parliament's loudspeakers. They played Barry Manilow's most renowned songs, including Mandy and Could It Be Magic, as well as '90s Spanish hit Macarena.

Then, it was reported that the police captured 122 people, accusing many of illegally entering the country or obstructing traffic. New Zealand has been implementing strict restrictions to prevent the coronavirus for almost two years now.

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