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New Zealand Wants To Completely Ban the Sale of Cigarettes to Those Born After 2008

New Zealand bans cigarettes for new generation

New Zealand will ban the sale of tobacco to young people in order to eventually quit smoking. Under the law, which is expected to be passed next year, those born after 2008 will not be able to buy cigarettes or tobacco products for their entire lives.

The ban is part of a massive smoking termination measure announced on Thursday by New Zealand's health ministry. Doctors and other health experts in the country have welcomed reforms that will reduce access to tobacco and limit the level of nicotine in cigarettes.

New Zealand has set a goal to reduce the number of smokers in the country to 5% by 2025 and ultimately quit smoking. Currently, about 13% of the adult population in New Zealand smoke. And 10 years ago this number was 18%. But among the indigenous population, this number is much higher- about 31%.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health states that smoking is the cause of 25% of cancers. As part of the measures announced on Thursday, the government also tightened controls on tobacco sales, significantly limiting cigarette sales in supermarkets and small stores. Thus, the number of stores that are allowed to sell cigarettes will be reduced from about eight thousand to 500.

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