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Nickelodeon excluded from public access two scenes of the TV series SpongeBob

series SpongeBob

Recently, it was reported that Nickelodeon has removed from public access two provocative scenes of the popular TV series SpongeBob SquarePants.

The series named Kwarantined Crab, released in 2019, was a part of the 12th season of the program. Because it tells about the "oyster illness" epidemic, it was decided not to show the episode due to the sensibility of this topic while people are currently facing a real pandemic.

Another series that was removed is Mid-Life Crustracean. It was published in 2003 and tells about SpongeBob and Patrick helping Mr. Krabs go through a midlife crisis. In one of the scenes, Patrick offers to steal lingerie from Mr. Krabs' mother. This chapter hasn't been televised since 2018. It was concluded that some elements of this story are not proper for children. However, it was not specified which detail in the plot was meant. Interestingly, that SpongeBob was previously revealed by the company as a member of the LGBT community.

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