The Rapper Nicki Minaj Decided To Resist the Coronavirus Vaccination
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Nicki Minaj Quarreled With the White House After a Loud Fake About the COVID Vaccine

Nicki Minaj Quarreled With the White House After a Loud Fake About the COVID Vaccine

American rap star Nicki Minaj shared on social networks a fake about the side effects of coronavirus vaccination and was shamed for spreading misinformation. In the publication, the singer says a friend of her cousin's testicles got swelled after the vaccine and the man became impotent.

On Twitter, the performer wrote that she refused to attend the 2021 Met Gala Costume Institute ball due to the mandatory vaccination. She herself is in no hurry to get vaccinated because she is scared of its consequences.

Nicky shared on Twitter the story of her cousin from Trinidad. Allegedly, after the vaccination, his friend got inflamed testicles and he became impotent. The situation is complicated by the fact that he had a wedding, which was canceled at the last moment by the bride, having learned about the diagnosis of the groom.

Twitter users questioned the causal relationship between vaccination and the response of the victim's body. One of those who responded to the artist was the doctor and author of books on medicine who suggested that the inflammation of the testicles is most likely associated with sexually transmitted diseases. In addition to thousands of derisive comments, Nicki Minaj's post drew a reaction

from the officials in the United States. Social media users still continue to ridicule Minaj's post.

Later, the rap singer had a fight with the administration of US President Joe Biden. On September 15, the singer announced on her Twitter account that she was invited to the White House to discuss the benefits of vaccination against coronavirus. Later, the Biden administration partially denied this information, assuring that the conversation should have taken place by phone. In response, Minaj accused the White House of lying. According to Minaj, she actually refused to come to the White House herself.

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