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Nicki Minaj Decided To Revive Queen Radio on the Amazon’s Amp Application

Nicki Minaj Queen Radio

Nicki Minaj decided to bring Queen Radio to Amazon. The rapper's popular show will now be available on the new streaming application, called Amp.

The artist revealed the news concerning the show’s revival while being live on her Instagram account. Previously, the show was available only on the Apple Music platform.

Queen Radio was presented back in 2018 and consisted of 17 episodes, featuring Minaj chatting with Ariana Grande, the rapper 50 Cent, Chance the Rapper, and other well-known personalities. 

The artist is very excited to collaborate with Amazon to revive Queen Radio. For Minaj, this project is very special to her heart.

The application is analogous to Clubhouse and can be downloaded for free. The live streaming service lets artists play music while talking to listeners. The service has also worked with Universal, Sony, Warner, and other music labels.

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