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Nike Boss Confessed to Killing a Man, He Committed It When He Was 16 Years Old

Nike Boss Confessed to Killing a Man. He Committed It When He Was 16 Years Old

The director of the Nike sports shoe brand killed a teenager when he was 16 years old. Larry Miller spoke about this incident during the latest interview on October 13.

At the age of 13, he joined a gang in West Philadelphia. Three years later, in 1965, Miller’s friend, who was also a member of this group, was cut to death. This happened during a fight with another local gang.

Miller was so angry that decided to take revenge. He took a pistol, got drunk, and went with his friends to look for the offenders. As a result, he shot and killed a random person who wasn’t connected with any of the rival gangs.

Soon, he was arrested and sent to prison. While serving his sentence, he trained to be an accountant.

According to Miller, he never lied that he was convicted either in his job application or during the interview. For example, when he was hired by a soup company, the only question was whether he had been arrested or convicted in the period of the past five years.

In 1997, he became Vice President of Nike Basketball, and two years later, President of the newly formed Jordan Brand. Nike executive says revealing this secret made him feel free. Now Miller plans to expand his work to help prisoners as well as to restore some of the educational programs that allowed him to get his degree in prison.

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