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North Korea Banned Wearing Leather Coats and Copying Kim Jong-un’s Style

Leather Coats Copying Kim Jong-un’s Style

In North Korea, it is now forbidden to wear leather coats in order not to copy the style of Kim Jong-un. It was him who set this fashion trend. The leader repeatedly appeared on television and went public in a leather trench coat with a belt. Now only Kim, his family members, and officials can wear leather items.

The leader combined an old-fashioned cloak with a fur hat. And since there are not too many idols to follow in North Korea, his style began to be massively copied throughout the country.

Although North Korea and China have officially ended selling since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, leather smuggling is still widespread. And leather coats and jackets still end up in the country. But they are prohibitively expensive. So, a jacket made of genuine leather costs about 34 dollars, and from an imitation leather 16 dollars.

But recently, leather twists were banned from wearing and selling. And the police began to confiscate them right on the streets. The authorities commanded the public not to wear leather coats because it is up to the party to decide who can wear them.

However, this is not the first time that the North Korean party dictates what to wear and how to look. Earlier, the North Korean leader outlawed skinny jeans, certain types of body piercings, and as many as 15 haircuts, including a mullet. Also, residents of North Korea are prohibited from dyeing their hair.

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