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North Korean To Be Shot for Smuggling and Selling Copies of the Squid Game Series

Selling Copies of the Squid Game Series

As it is known, Squid Game is forbidden in North Korea, and the country's officials have repeatedly criticized the show. Despite the ban, some still want to watch the series, and one of these desperate people was a smuggler who brought USB flash drives to the country with all the episodes.

The risky man tried to sell them. As a result, for illegal transportation and resale, he is now sentenced to death. It also became known that one student acquired a copy of the popular TV series, for which he got a life sentence. His friends who watched the show were sentenced to five years in prison. Among those arrested was a student from a wealthy family, but he escaped punishment because his parents paid the authorities 3,000 dollars.

Even the teachers and the administration of the educational institution were punished- they were fired because they did not keep track of and allowed the series to spread. In addition, they can be assigned to forced labor in remote mines. 

Back in October, North Korean media criticized The Squid Game, noting that the series portrays a terrible world in which money is important and corruption is encouraged. The Squid Game is officially banned in North Korea- like almost all other foreign films and TV series.

This incident was the first to involve minors when North Korean authorities took advantage of a new law published in 2020. It provides for capital punishment for viewing, storing, or distributing media from South Korea and the United States.

On November 11, the show's director revealed that he already has ideas for a second season, but is afraid of not living up to fans' expectations.

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