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Norwegian Navy Took Part in the Gay Parade, Some Ships Raised Rainbow Flags


Special for Pride Month, warships of Norway took part in the LGBT parade on the water. The event took place on June 12 in Bergen, a city on the southwestern coast of Norway. It is noted that the boat parade is actually an alternative to the traditional walking gay parade. The last time it was held in 2019, but then it was postponed due to the pandemic situation in the world.

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The Norwegian Navy provided seven ships to the parade participants. Then the LGBT flag was raised on the ships, and the crews shouted greetings to other participants of the gay parade. Christian Haugen, who was on board, noted that walking on the deck in high heels was not easy.

The Navy always has a tradition of communicating with signal flags. But this time, the Norwegian Navy showed that they are fighting for diversity. And anyone can serve in the Navy, regardless of the orientation.
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