Space Jam With LeBron James Has Finally Arrived and Here Are the First Results
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Not All Basketball Fans Are Pleased With Space Jam With LeBron James in the Main Role

LeBron's acting

The premiere of the movie Space Jam: A New Legacy has finally arrived in the world cinemas. The film with the forward of Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James in the main role was a long-awaited event for all basketball fans. And the first results are very successful. On Friday, the film earned 13.1 million dollars at the American box office, beating the Marvel blockbuster Black Widow which got 8 million dollars. And for the first three days, the box office of Space Jam 2 was about 32 million, while the Black Widow is 25.6 million dollars.

The comedy became the highest-grossing Warner Bros. film during the coronavirus pandemic, exceeding Godzilla v. Kong. And LeBron is pleased with such a great start. However, a high box office doesn't always mean a good-quality film. The sequel's rating is extremely low and continues to fall.

Space Jam with LeBron James takes place almost entirely in a cartoonish world. Even LeBron himself is a toon for most of the time. The only exception is the first half-hour, which really grabs attention. After that, James dives into the world of virtual reality and it gets boring to watch what is happening on the screen. In addition, there are too many Warner Bros. ads and references to the company's products during the film.

However, LeBron's acting is pretty good. James looked organic on the screen, considering the fact that he is a professional athlete and not an actor. But other heroes were not revealed at all. And while LeBron achieved his main goal to promote himself in a commercially successful film, he failed to exceed Michael Jordan in the cinema.

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