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Why Is Novak Djokovic’s Participation in the Australian Open in Question?

novac djokovic

Novak Djokovic is trying to be departed from Australia. The decision that the 9-time Australian Open champion should leave the country can be made even during the tournament.

Novak refused to be vaccinated, but after long negotiations received a medical exception from the organizers of the event, which gave him the opportunity to fly to the competition. However, at the Melbourne airport, border guards canceled the Serb visa, stating that the tennis player's medical documents, with an exception, did not satisfy them. After many hours of proceedings, the athlete was sent to a hotel for migrants, where he is still awaiting deportation for many days. The lawyers filed appeals, and on Monday, January 10, the trial took place.

Later, the first racket of the world was detained again. The information was confirmed by his father in a telephone conversation. Australian authorities continue to intend to deport the Serb. Currently, Novak's lawyers are deciding how to react to the situation.

Meanwhile, Novak's fans are defending the athlete's rights to be and play in the country. Fans staged a rally and brought the police to the use of pepper spray. The crowd surrounded a car where a tennis player was located. Fans knocked on windows and jumped onto the roof of the car.

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