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Now, Post Malone Has Diamond Teeth | So, What Is Post Malone’s Teeth Price?

post malone

After the rapper installed a giant diamond in his forehead, it seemed what could be even larger. But now the users of social media are actively discussing a new shining decoration of a celebrity, namely the bright vampire teeth of Post Malone. It was reported that Post Malone’s teeth price is estimated at 1.6 million dollars. However, the artist seems happy with the purchase. 

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Post Malone’s diamond teeth operation took place on the weekend. And according to information received, his dentist appeared to be Thomas Connelly, a star cosmetic doctor. He placed a stone weighing about six carats on each of the artist's teeth. And this was the first case when a whole stone was inserted in the form of a tooth. According to the dentist, this is the result of more than a year of tries and mistakes. 

The doctor also added that it was hard to cut holes in gems like these without damaging them, as well as to make a diamond in the shape of a tooth. Now Post Malone's new accessory sparkles and shines, and he can clean the teeth just like the natural ones. 
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