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Scandal at the Olympics: Doping Was Found in One of the Russian Athletes

Kamila Valieva Scandal at Olympics

Disturbing news came from the Beijing Olympics on February 9th. The awards ceremony for Russian figure skaters following the results of the team tournament was delayed due to a suspicious doping test of Kamila Valieva. However, the 15-year-old athlete did not receive doping during the Games. According to media reports, the test for December showed a small amount of trimetazidine in her body. The micro-dose found in the girl's body does not affect the result, but the drug is still officially banned.

At the moment, the suspension has been lifted from Camila, so she will perform in individual competitions. In addition, the gold of the team tournament will not be taken away from the Russians.

Meanwhile, the US team won silver medals in the team figure skating tournament. And the Japanese won the bronze.

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