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OMG! You Won’t Believe What Happened With This Sheep: Baarack the Sheep and its 36 kg of Fleece

baarack the ship

This fella-sheep from Australia was found roaming in rural Victoria. A rogue one is called Baarack. The sheep was shaped and the specialist stated that it "carried" over 35 kg on its body. Bizzare, scary, and amazing! Hopefully, Baarack is feeling better right now. Continue reading to know more viral facts.

Viral Sheep With 36 kg Fleece: All You Should Know

A lost and wild sheep was spotted wandering through local Australia. People were shocked about its size of the fleece and its common condition. Sheep looked bad but after he had been shorn of his 35kg fleece Baarack appeared to be a handsome one.

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Baarack Beat Up Shrek (New Zealand Sheep)

It appeared to be that Baarack used to have even more fleece rather than a well-known sheep from New Zealand, named Shrek, who was seized in 2005 after 6 years on the wild-freedom journey.

Who Gave the Name?


The merino ram got its name Baarack from rescuers. The sheep was found wandering singly with an exceptionally thick wool coat and was immediately cut to protect his life.

Once Owned

According to Kyle Behrend’s statements made by him during the Guardian's interview, Baarack used to be “once an owned sheep” who managed to escape. Roaming sheep do not shed their fleece and are required to be shorn at least seasonally, as their wool maintains to grow.

The sheep was in a bad shape, overweight, and covered by dirt. Also, he was ear-tagged but because of the wool coat, nobody could see it.

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The Fleece in Sheep’s Clothing: Great Ram Compared

Look at our infographic to see the whole picture.

Sheep Again on the Main Page

Baarack is the freshest in a great line of extremely big and woolly sheep to make world headlines in the most popular magazines and newspapers. Previously, such a position was obtained by Shreck in 2005.

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