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On September 4, Cardi B and the Rapper Offset Welcomed a New Member to the Family

cardi b second baby

Cardi B and her husband Offset are celebrating the new addition to the family. On September 4, the American artist gave birth to her second child, which she told about on Instagram yesterday. The couple is already raising their common three-year-old daughter.

Last fall, Cardi B was seriously going to divorce her husband, rapper Kiari Cephus, known under the pseudonym Offset. However, after a couple of months, the rumors died down, and this summer, the star surprised fans by announcing her pregnancy. The stomach at that time looked very impressive. And it is not surprising, because there were only a couple of months left before the happy event.

Yesterday, September 6, singer Cardi B shared the good news- she gave birth to a son from Offset. The baby was born on September 4, but the young mother decided to tell the fans about this just now by publishing a touching photo on her Instagram page.

The star did not reveal the name of the child. Under the pictures, she wrote only the date and added a few emojis: a dinosaur, a blue heart, and a bear. Judging by the faces of the parents, they are very happy with the addition to the family.

All fans immediately started congratulating the celebrities and wishing the baby good health. Cardi and Kiari have another child- a daughter Kulture. She appears frequently on her mom's social networks.

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