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In Thailand, a Child Drowned When His Mother Was Taking Intimate Pictures

onlyfans model child

The user of the Onlyfans application was posing for the photographer while their 2-year-old son drowned in the swimming pool. The incident took place on Monday at the villa where Wiyada Pontawee and her husband were resting with friends.

It is known that other models attended the party, they all took intimate photos together and created new content to upload on their accounts. At the villa, the couple and their friends had fun and drank a lot of alcohol.

Then the Thai model decided to do a photoshoot by the pool on the billiard table with her legs spread. The girl often publishes sensual content to the platform.

When the child drowned, the parents were in the house and worked. The couple's son was not alone, but with his brother. He did not live 2 days before his third birthday. When the child's father heard the struggling sounds, he immediately called an ambulance. The child was urgently hospitalized, but unfortunately, the doctors could not save his life.

According to the 26-year-old mother, after that, she does not want to continue to live. The police did not launch an investigation into the incident.

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