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Find Out The Origin Of The This Is Fine Meme, With A Sitting Dog On Fire In This Article

This is fine is a two-panel comic about a dog with a hat sitting in a room on fire and trying to convince himself that "everything is fine".

The phrase, consisting of only three words, has become a cult and now people pronounce it when the situation around becomes so terrible that our brain refuses to perceive what is happening.

Are the glaciers at the poles melting faster every year? This is fine.

Overpopulation threatens our planet? This is fine.

Is humanity going to destroy itself soon? This is fine.

This Is Fine Meme Origin

The dog in room on fire comic first appeared on January 9, 2013 on the website of artist Casey Green (KC Green) Gunshow Comics. It was originally a 6-picture comic, and it was called “The Pills Are Working” or simply “On Fire”. In the story, an anthropomorphic dog sits in a burning room, drinks coffee or tea and says: “Everything is fine. I don't care what is happening at the moment. Everything is fine, everything will be fine. "

The first two pictures from the comic became a meme, when they began to be actively published on imageboards and sites such as Reddit, Imgur and Tumblr. In 2016, the meme was filmed in a one-minute video on the Cartoon Network channel.

Meaning of This Is Fine Meme

This is fine meme is used in situations where someone is trying to find a positive side to what is happening. Even if something very terrible and irreparable happens. For example, in 2016, the official Twitter account of the US Republican National Society (RNC) posted this picture to comment on the chaos surrounding the Democratic National Conference, with the hashtag #EnoughClinton. In response, Casey Green said that everyone can use the picture as an Everything is fine meme, but he considered the political post stupid and asked to delete it.

In November 2016, after it became known that Donald Trump would become President of the United States, indie developer Nick Kaman released an 8-bit game based on the comic This is fine. In the plot, This is fine dog was surrounded by fire, and pressing the arrow keys made it clear that it was impossible to get out of the room. So, the developer showed his attitude towards the fact that the United States has a new president.

On August 3, 2016, Casey Green released the sequel This is fine comic, which is the opposite of the first in meaning. The dog in the picture is still on fire and is trying to say his catchphrase “It's okay”. But then he realizes that this is not so, and his face, distorted with anger, screams: This is NOT fine.

Then a whole drama unfolds, which ends with a sad dog in a burned down house.

Why Everythings Fine Meme Become Popular?

Because the feelings that the dog describes in his phrase are familiar to us all. Each person is tormented in his head by the same questions or situations with which he cannot do anything, he can only observe, smile and say: "Everything is fine."

Why Did Only Two Images from the Comic Become a Meme?

The fact is that it is easier for a person to perceive short and simple information. This is fine dog meme is very simple, but at the same time, it touches each of us, which causes a response. The whole comic is really very interesting and cool, but it was the very first two short and immediately understandable images that went viral.

How Much Money Did the Creator Make from the Meme?

The creator of the comic, from which the meme "Everything is fine," admits that "This If Fine" helped him. He's not sure if the comic has paid off in a year of his life, but notes that he had enough money to pay taxes. He created some merch with this dog: mugs, T-shirts, posters. The prints at Emerald City (Comic-Con) sold especially well. The author says that he continues to draw comics, write new stories. He devotes more time to this. He receives money from various sources, and he makes good money on this.

Does the Author Care That Most of His Work Is Freely Available?

The creator of This is fine original comic says that he sees nothing wrong with this and that his comic is only a webcomic model. He has a store called TopatoCo that sells merchandise related to his comics. They make T-shirts, posters and everything else.

The author also writes and sells books about his comics and he has a Patreon where anyone can donate a couple of dollars. He also works as a freelancer. Therefore, he is not very worried that his comic with the dog "Everything is fine" is used as a template for memes.

Casey Greene announces that she will continue to draw her comics and delight with new works. He says that the first two pictures are much easier to sell than a whole comic, but he doesn't care about money as much as creativity.

Interesting Facts

On May 5, 2016, Green told The Verge about how he drew the famous This is fine image. According to him, during the creation of the comic, he suffered from depression and was taking medication.

“You know, from time to time you have days when things only get worse, but you try to ignore what is happening.” - Casey Green.

By the way, Green is the creator of at least two more memes: Dick Butt (a creature with a penis sticking out of the rear) and the comic Staredad ("tired father").

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