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Origins and Spreading of Surprised Pikachu Meme

surprised pikachu

Are you ready to read the whole original story of Surprised Pikachu? How and why it was made for, what is the step-by-step progress of spreading over the Internet, and why people love this meme? Read our article to know all about the Pika meme.

What Surprised Pikachu Meme is All About

Surprised Pikachu relates to a screenshot from the Pokémon anime. It features the protagonist pokemon called Pikachu with its mouth agape. by looking at a screenshot you can see a confused Pikachu face with a wide-open mouth and eyes. People used Surprised Pikachu as a reaction pic joined with headings where a story leads to an expected result that nevertheless leaves one shocked.

The Surprised Pikachu Face meme is taken from season 1 episode 10 of the animated Pokemon series, the series is called "Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village". The screenshot The image presents the Pikachu displaying an astonishing facial expression with its mouth wide open.

What Shocked Pikachu Is Used For?

  1. Rarely is used for showing your amazement or to display the wonder;
  2. Generally is managed to reveal sarcastic, ironic, or obvious outcomes of the human's actions or beliefs.

Why Did It Get Such Popularity?

  • First of all, because the Pokémon anime one of the most popular animated series that broadcasted all over the world. You can not be its fan but you surely watched at least one of the series or know Pikachu looks like.
  • Also, Pokémon is one of the largest brands ever been created. Video games, animes and mangas, toys, and other stuff make it legendary.
  • It is easy to made up some heading or title to create a new meme, it is flexible to any situation during chatting or commenting.
  • Finally, the art style of yellow pokémon is very cool and simple. It’s cute, adorable for kids, fun for adults. Pika-Pika can’t be forgotten!

Pikachu Face Meme Origins

The scene from the Pokémon anime series where the picture originates from is Episode 10 of the pilot season. The Series has the title: "Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village". The screenshot is taken at 3:05 minutes of the series.

Firstly, the shocked Pikachu meme emerged on Tumblr in September 2018. After a couple of days, it appeared on Reddit, only after one month it was added to Facebook. Lately, less than a year, people started sharing variants on Twitter.

Pikachu Meme: the Face of Pokemon Over the Net

The post started expanding to other websites in the coming days. It emerged on /r/MemeEconomy on September 30th, obtaining 880 points. It was added on Meme Extreme (Facebook meme page) on October 2nd, earning more than 4k reactions, shares, and 3.9k likes. The image started getting more attention was joined with more titles as October progressed. The composition became especially widespread on /r/me_irl. It earned over 3.9k points in format variant on October 14th. After ten days, a submitted and edited meme appeared. It was made for showing and bringing attention to the effects of the prolonged computer for a long time and its influence on eyesight, gaining 6.2k points.

The Shocked Pikachu face also arrived on different subreddits and sites. A picture of the Game of Thrones subreddit /r/freefolk earned 20k+ points. Moreover, in the form of a tweet, the post got over 42k points on /r/me_irl.

The Best Versions of Surprised Pikachu Meme

shocked pikachu
surprised pikachu face
pikachu face meme

What time is it? It’s the perfect time to start laughing because life is viral! We have collected the best variants of the Pikachu open mouth meme and its variations, edits, and submissions.

Thank you so much for reading our latest article to the end! Stay toasty and wash your hands!

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