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Are You Familiar With The Pablo Escobar Meme? Viral Meme From The Narcos Series

Pablo Escobar Alone Meme

Pablo Escobar meme is a series of pictures with actor Wagner Moura, who played Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar in the TV series Narcos. In viral templates, Moura sits on a swing, at a table, and stands in an empty pool. These Pablo Escobar memes evoke sadness and longing, as well as broken hopes.

Meaning of Pablo Escobar Alone Meme

Narcos meme

A Narcos meme with a sad Escobar shows the highest degree of boredom, depression or expectation. This effect is achieved by using three pictures with a character at once, each of which depicts him as dull as possible. The result is an image that literally emanates an aura of total loneliness and existential melancholy.

This template can be used without captions as a reaction picture, or you can make an add-on from it by placing one or two phrases that describe a specific situation. The sad Pablo Escobar meme is most often used in pictures about expectation, boredom, loneliness, sadness.

sad Pablo Escobar meme

Some meme creators do not see anything sad in this meme de Pablo Escobar and, on the contrary, attach funny texts to amuse users of social networks. For example, in this meme Pablo Escobar was described as a guy waiting for his brother for a long time, and below we see the end of the meme with a funny picture with a smiling potato.

Another example of a meme from sad Pablo Escobar. It is very annoying when you are given bonuses, but they cannot be spent because you have to stay at home because of karate.

Pablo Escobar waiting meme for our horny readers. Admit it, you also immediately recognized this interface from which site? Sometimes it can be very difficult to find a really suitable video for your sexual fantasies.

Origin of Meme De Pablo Escobar

sad Pablo Escobar meme 1

The sad Escobar footage is from the Netflix series Narcos, which aired on September 2, 2016. The main role, Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, was played by actor Wagner Moura.

On October 8 of the same year, a Pablo Escobar meme appeared on the Meme Generator website, made up of three frames – in all of them Escobar is depicted sad and lonely, as if he was waiting for something for a very long time. Pablo Escobar meme Narcos has been called “Waiting Escobar”, he is also known as “Sad Escobar”.

The Narcos Pablo Escobar meme template has been gaining popularity for several months and almost never went beyond the meme generator. On October 11, a Reddit user posted the template in a thread dedicated to the Oneplus 3 smartphone. The image he signed “When I ordered Oneplus 3, but the purchase is still pending on the site”.

Meme De Pablo Escobar

In August 2017, another redditor used the Pablo Escobar meme in a thread with advice pictures, writing over the template the phrase “When I looked at the leaked episode, and now I have to wait 10 days instead of 7”. Life situation for a lot of TV series fans, isn't it? Pablo Escobar alone on this meme describes these emotions very accurately. So here's a tip for you – don't watch the leaked episodes!

Pablo Escobar alone

The peak of popularity of the Pablo Escobar waiting meme reached only in February 2018, when someone uploaded it to the /r/funny thread – it was a meme with the inscription “When your work colleague got sick, with whom you always have lunch”. It is this picture that has become so much viral that it continues to delight us in the feed of social networks to this day.

Meme with Pablo Escobar Parody

Meme with Pablo Escobar Parody

The hero of the meme Pablo Escobar Falcao was parodied by a photographer from Los Angeles with the nickname DJ Watson. On March 28, the guy celebrated his 29th birthday, but since measures to prevent coronavirus infection require self-isolation, he did not arrange a wide celebration. It should be noted that the guy very accurately portrayed a parody of the meme with Escobar and stood in the same poses.

His photos scattered all over Reddit and the guy became a real star for several days. The publication went to the top, collecting more than 134 thousand “pluses”, which is quite impressive for this portal.

The blog authors advise you to save the template for this crear meme Pablo Escobar and try to come up with a funny caption. Remember that this image can be used not only to show some kind of sad situation.

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