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Paparazzi Spotted Prince Harry and Wallis Annenberg Having Lunch Together


On Wednesday, in one of Hollywood's prestigious areas, Prince Harry was noticed having lunch with Wallis Annenberg. Meanwhile, his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, celebrated her 95th birthday. Sources said they sat outside on a terrace at a table away from other people. Harry was wearing a mask.

Wallis who is 81 years old, heads her family's Annenberg Foundation, which is valued at several billion. Annenberg is a place where Vanity Fair has been entertaining their great and luxurious Oscar event for many years. However, Harry was unavailable for any comments and a representative of the Annenberg Foundation avoided answering.

Before that, there were rumors about whether Harry would stay in the United Kingdom for the Queen's birthday, which took place a few days after the funeral of Prince Philipe. It is believed that she spent her entire birthday in the castle celebrating with her family but being in deep sadness after the death of her beloved husband earlier this month at the age of 99.

 It was reported that Harry had already returned home on Tuesday to his pregnant wife and son in Montecito. Earlier, doctors forbade Meghan Markle from joining her husband in the United Kingdom.

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