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Top 10 Best Paul Blart Memes. Posters From The Failed Movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Paul Blart: Mall Cop turned out to be such a bad movie that it began to be included in the selection of the worst films. But still, someone demanded a sequel to 2009 Paul Blart: Mall Cop. In the film, Paul Blart struggles with his divorce and tries to be a good father to his daughter Maya, despite the hardships. Meanwhile, Paul also has to fight a felon at the Las Vegas Security Officers' Congress.

Despite the fact that Paul Blart became the hero of an unsuccessful film, he was still lucky in some ways. He became a real hero of the funny Paul Blart memes all over the Internet! It's even much better and is something he really didn't expect. Check out some of these incredible Paul Blart dank memes from social media users.

Paul Blart meme

If a police officer like Paul Blart is on guard at Area 51, then everything is definitely under protection. Of course, this is just a funny Paul Blart meme, because after watching the movie, everyone is very about such a statement.

Mall Cop meme

How do you like that cute Paul Blart in a corn costume on this Mall Cop meme? Perhaps such a role in the film would suit him much better and the rating from the critics would have been a little higher.

Paul meme cop

The incredible resemblance of the unknown man, who was photographed by a Twitter user, with Paul Blart. Those who watched the movie about cops and saw this Paul Blart meme cop would definitely say: “Paul Blart, is that you?”.

Paul Blart dunk meme

This is exactly the reaction as a boy to this Paul Blart dank meme would be for everyone who heard about the fact that Kevin James talked about Paul Blart: Mall Cop 3.

Mall Cop 2 meme

A funny Mall Cop 2 meme that if Paul Blart wanted to design a shopping center, he would look exactly like this. Paul Blart Mall Cop dank meme with Paul's huge screaming face stretched across the entire facade of the building.

Paul Blart Mall Cop dank meme

Here is such a creative poster, which later became the Mall Cop meme, was made by an anonymous user. It turned out quite futuristic and bright.

Paul Blart meme creep

If you do not want the continuation of the film and the release of the third part of Paul Blart: Mall Cop, then Donald Trump can find the money for it! But seriously, this is a very ironic Paul Blart meme creep and almost no one wants to see the third part of this film.

Paul Blart poster meme

Another funny Paul Blart poster meme. Someone in all seriousness decided to photoshoot a mop instead of Paul Blart's face and sign it all “A Mop. Paul Blart. Mop” and even at the very bottom of the Paul Blart Mall meme, we see the word “Mop”.

Paul Blart Mall meme

One of the Reddit users took a picture of an unknown man and made a Paul Blart meme flesh Mall about the next part of the film. If they still decide to make the third part of this film, then the main character would look like this.

Paul Blart Mall Cop poster meme

Lots of people love to experiment with Photoshop and one of them created this incredible Paul Blart Mall Cop poster meme. A poster about what Paul Blart would look like if he became emo.

The authors of the blog in this case do not recommend watching the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop, but if you are very interested in why it is so bad, then you can risk it. We hope you enjoyed our selection of the 10 funniest Paul Blart Mall Cop memes and brought you a lot of fun.

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