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People Saved Riders From the Dangerous Attraction Which Failed for an Unknown Reason

Carnival rides at the Michigan Festival

One of the riders shared that the ride was more extreme than usual and seemed more unsteady. The incident was shot on video that quickly became viral on social media.

On Thursday night, the passers-by at the Michigan National Cherry Festival helped stabilize the attraction, which, as we can see in the video, apparently failed. Then, the attraction began to swing on the opposite axis while in motion, and almost toppled over.

Noticing this terrible picture, people from the ground began gathering and tried to stabilize it so that the mechanics could be turned off and people could get to a safe place.

By this moment, the attraction that has failed has been removed and sent to the manufacturer for further inspection. According to the information, attractions are checked daily and reports are completed every morning before the operation. No injuries have been reported yet. The event, taking place in Michigan, has been held since 1926 and attracts over 500,000 visitors for eight days a year.

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