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Pixar Announced Casting for a Young Actress to Voice the Transgender Character


Pixar presented its first LGBTQ+ character nearly a year ago. She was voiced by Lena Waithe who is gay and an actress. Now the animation studio has announced that they are looking for someone to voice a new character. The character will be a transgender girl that will appear in an upcoming animation project. The casting announcement was posted on the company's official Twitter account earlier this week.

The published casting information post does not provide any details about the possible plot of the project. It is also not yet known whether it will be a feature or a short film. Despite this, the Pixar character has been characterized convincingly enough. According to the information received, this will be a 14-year-old transgender girl who is quite sympathetic and always ready to support you, but at the same time, she is funny. Pixar is looking for an actress who is between the ages of 12 and 17, is sociable and energetic, and can exactly imitate a 14-year-old trans.

This casting news is already being actively posted by many Twitter users who truly believe and hope that the studio has indeed chosen a transgender performer.

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