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Pokemon Go Creator Receives 300 Million Dollars From the Coatue Foundation

Pokemon Go metaverse

The American developer Niantic, known primarily for the game Pokemon Go, has raised 300 million dollars from the investment company Coatue. Niantic is a division of Google that was turned into a separate business in 2015.

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The company will spend the money on the development of already launched games and new applications. It also intends to direct funds for the development of the so-called real metaverse. Niantic is building it on the basis of a three-dimensional map of the world and expects that the project will play a critical role in the next transition in the field of computer technology.

What exactly the metaverse will become is still unknown. The startup's management says it will be different from what Meta does. Specifically, Niantic wants to build its AR-based universe to bring the virtual world into the physical, while Meta's goal is to do the opposite.

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