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Have You Seen Pools Closed Meme? A Long-Standing Meme About Raids In Habbo Hotel

pool closed

Pools Closed meme appeared after one-day raids began on the online social networking site Habbo Hotel. They were carried out by a group called “Anonymous”. It was the phrase “Pool's Closed” that appeared after these events.

How Did This Happen?

Members of the “Anonymous” group began to create blockades from their characters, which did not allow other players to pass. They wore afro hairstyles and were dressed in business attire. The very first raid took place in 2006 due to the fact that the 4chan portal spread rumors about some of the moderators of the Habbo Hotel. The fact is that they blocked users because of their skin color and avatars, that is, they supported racist movements. This later became the reason for the emergence of the Pool's Closed meme.

Origin of Meme Pools Closed

When did everyone first see the Pools Closed Forever meme? As already noted, it all started in 2006, where rumors about forbidden actions of moderators appeared on the 4chan forum. They selected people based on the skin color of their autos.

On July 6, 2006, a group calling themselves “lockers” decided to raid the Habbo Hotel. They made a blockade of their characters, which did not allow other users to enter popular parties and places. Users started taking screenshots and the viral Pools Closed Cop meme. All this became possible due to a technical bug in the game when it was impossible to pass through another player when entering or exiting a room.

Meme Spreading

pool is closed Meme Spreading

Here you can see instructions on what to do to complete a successful raid and prevent other players from entering popular rooms. By the way, this also became a viral Pool Is Closed meme.

The free software called “Pool Tool” made it possible to bypass the ban on censorship in the chat, constantly spam messages, and even unlock the desired character. Very often, users spam the phrase “Pools Closed Due To AIDS” in the chat, as well as the word “Harbl” (meaning penis), both of which were later banned on the site. After that, the software could no longer completely circumvent the censorship, and writing “Pool Is Closed Due To AIDS” was impossible. But where can we go without memes? Netizens found it all very funny and started making Pools Closed memes.

giant habbo raid

Later, on July 12, 2006, the raids reached their peak after a week. People from different groups united and made a massive influx to the Habbo Hotel. They created the characters' nigra (this is the slang meaning “nigga”) and entered the public rooms en masse. According to the Lurkmore wiki, the incident dealt a huge blow to these rooms and led to the banning of the words “AIDS” and “Harbl”. After a while, the Habbo Hotel was completely disconnected due to such large raids. All these raids and temporary shutdowns of the game caused a surge in the creation of Pools Closed due to AIDS meme on various social networks.

The Pools Closed meme is derived from the fact that the game has a room with a pool. Raiders stood near the pool, thereby blocking the entrance to it and spamming the phrase “Pools Closed” into the chat.

habbo hotel 2006

In contrast to these memes, a new Pools Open meme has appeared, as is often the case on the Internet. After so many years, the famous Pools Closed memorial meme is still not forgotten and flashes in the feed of Twitter and Reddit users. The authors of the blog consider it important to tell you about old memes like the "Pools Closed" meme because many people might not know about them but see them on social networks. After reading this article, you learned about the Internet historian Pools Closed meme and where it all came from.

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