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Pop Cat Meme: A Cat Named Oatmeal Sings Along To Hits And Makes Funny Sound

pop cat clicker

The Pop cat video memes' character “sings along” to popular tracks and annoys the heroes of films and TV series with his endless “Bop”.

At the end of November, videos with a white cat, which opened its mouth wide, making the sound “Bop”, gained popularity in social networks. Now the animal “sings along” to hits from the 90s, appears in scenes from Hollywood films and gets into various memes. Let's find out together where this cat open mouth meme came from and what caused its spread on social networks.

Origin of Pop Cat Meme

humanisation girl pop cat

In October 2020, Twitter user @XavierBFB published two images of his cat on an unknown Discord server – on one of them he “photoshopped” the pet's huge open mouth. Later, on October 9, his friend @Skettidragon made a GIF out of these pictures and posted them on Reddit, where they practically did not pay attention to it.

nimfex art girl pop cat meme

The next day, @partitiongal tweeted a video of a cat opening its mouth. The video was overlaid with a sound similar to the spanking of lips (“Bop” or “Pop”). A few days later, a GIF with PopCat went viral on Twitter: a post with the caption “I can't stop thinking about this video” got 1.6 million views and 160 thousand likes. Since then, the spread of a new meme has begun. After that, the owner of the animal, Xavier Arkhambo, said that the cat's name is Oatmeal, and he created the gif based on a video clip in which the cat “chirps” at the beetle.

Cat Pop Meme Spreading

pirates of pop cat meme

Soon, music began to be added to the GIF. One of the first videos was made in which the cat opens its mouth to a fragment from the track “Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott. Later, the cat opened his mouth to “Barbara Ann” and “Mr Sandman”.

aoi pop cat meme

In the meantime, four-panel memes circulated on Twitter and Facebook, the authors of which selected characters with facial expressions like a cat. Anime girls are perfect for comparisons with the cat Oatmeal, because they also open their mouths in a funny and cute way.

Oatmeal Parodies

bonk pop cat

At the end of November, music parodies with Bop Cat gained popularity on YouTube – the cat was forced to “sing-along” to popular tracks and make the sound “Bop” to the beat of the melodies.

bop bop cat angry

You can find videos on YouTube with parodies of songs: Lazy Town – We Are Number One, Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody, Tom Morello – Guitar Battle and many others.

meme pop cat

Soon, a variety of popular Pop Cat video memes appeared. He was then divided into thousands of copies, then he burst into the viewer's house with a pistol, then from the bottom of the ocean he went to heaven. Authors of videos usually play with the sound of “Bop” in jokes. Merging Bonk! and PopCats memes are also very funny.

bop cat meme as joker

As a result, Cat Pop seems to have bored a lot of people. Therefore, he was made an annoying character in Hollywood films and popular TV shows – now the heroes of “Pulp Fiction” and “The Great Gatsby” are angry with him because they do not like the sound of “Bop”. Joker also opens his mouth in a funny way and makes a “Bop” sound along with Oatmeal.

pop cat art
pop cat meme art fan

However, not everyone was bored with the big mouth cat meme – many began to devote beautiful drawings to him. Some even humanized this cute cat in the form of a girl with ponytails.

Pop Cat Clicker Site

And in December 2020, students Josh, Ed and Freddie, who are studying at the University of Sheffield, created a clicker site where you need to click on the cat, which is opening and closing its mouth with the sound “Bop”, as in the video.

anime pop cat meme

The game keeps track of individual clicks, which are then added to other clicks made in your country. At the time of this writing, Russia ranks 25th with over 371,000 clicks. The leaders are Taiwan (the country has more than 104 billion clicks), Thailand (94.5 billion clicks) and Hong Kong (41.7 billion clicks).The blog authors were happy to tell you about the popular Popping Cat meme. Now you know the real name of this wonderful cat, as well as where this Pop Cat opens mouth closed mouth meme came from. Share funny videos and pictures with Oatmeal with your friends and cheer them up!

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