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Press F to Pay Respects Meme

press f to pay respects meme

Press F to Pay Respects Origin

When did this meme create? Likely, we know the exact date when this happened. So, let's go a long journey back to 2014. On November 4th, 2014 the world saw a new part of Call of Duty, called Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The place of born was CoD: AW. The first scene of CoD's second mission was in the cemetery. Private Jack Mitchell, the main protagonist, visited the funeral of his best buddy who had found his death in a battle in South Korea.

Press F Meaning

The task of gamers that played this scene was to “Press F to Pay Respects” (in case you were a PC player) or to “Press X to Pay Respects” (in case you were a console gamer). So. its ok to here one of the variations with X and F pay respects

F to pay respects meme is used mostly in gaming communities like Twitch or in chats during online streaming on Twitch or YouTube. It is a symbol of the following things:

  • To honor the death of one of characters in the game;
  • To pay respect for a player that died in game during mission;
  • To prank or kappa player that made an epic fail while playing the game;
  • To say that stream had fallen (died) during online streaming;
  • To pay respect for non-subs that have become subs without their will.

The list of applications of press f meme is not exhaustive.

Spreading of Memes

press f meaning

As we mentioned above, f to pay respects memes are well-known memes in the gaming community. Streamers use it in a form of emoji for their channel, take it like a GiF for donations, etc.

But who was the first creator that used this meme? According to research of Know Your Meme the first one was YouTuber DOKU that added a video series about CoD with a caption "Press X to pay respects". It happened on November 2nd, 2014.

Seven days after it, NFKRZ uploaded a montage parody video on YouTube, calling it "COD Advanced Weedfare: Intense Respect Paying". A video is 65 seconds long, has 5,4k likes, and over 339k views.

The next community that became obsessive with a meme was Reddit. It happened after November 4th, 2014, after a user with the nickname ZyreHD presented a post questioning why people were mocking the step about Press F to the subreddit called /r/OutOfTheLoop.

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