We Are Paying Respect for Prince Philip and Queen Elisabeth II: A Great Loss in Royal Family
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Prince Philip Died Today in Age of 99: Dark Day for the Royal Family & Her Majesty the Queen

prince phillipe

Are you ready to hear it? We have found out the truth!

The Death of Prince Philip: Today Is a Dark Day for the Royal Family

Unfortunately, it is true! With a feeling of deep sorrow in our hearts, we delivering you tragedic news. His Royal Highness Prince Philip passed away. This was announced by Her Majesty The Queen.

We would like to show our respect for the Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elisabeth II.

What Happened to His Royal Highness?

Prince Philip met his death at Windsor Castle. This morning was the last for him... Please, join other people all over the world and support Her Majesty The Queen.

Want to know more news about The Royal Family? Go to www.royal.uk

Moreover, you can visit our Instagram page to know more about this tragic event!

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