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Queen Elizabeth II Stops Drinking Alcohol on the Advice of Doctors, but Why?

Queen Elizabeth II Stops Drinking Alcohol

The Queen of Great Britain decided to give up her beloved martini and now drinks only Malvern mineral water. 95-year-old Elizabeth II stopped drinking alcohol on the advice of doctors, but this is not associated with any disease.

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This was a personal choice of the Queen because she has a pretty busy schedule ahead and she wants to stay in the best possible condition. The Queen needs to attend the UN conference on climate change, which will be held in mid-November this year. And later she will celebrate the platinum anniversary (70 years) of her accession to the throne. Celebration events will take place in the UK in June 2022.

They said, the Queen preferred gin and vermouth cocktails and could drink them during lunch or before dinner. They were usually prepared for her by her husband, Prince Philip.

At the end of November last year, the Queen launched her own brand of gin. The drink was named Sandringham Gin and its strength is 42 degrees. Herbal spices that are grown in East Anglia are used in its preparation. One 0.5 liter bottle costs 68.7 dollars.

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