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R. Kelly, Famous for His I Believe I Can Fly Hit Is Accused of Raping Two Minors

I Believe I Can Fly’s Singer, Suspected of Pedophilia, Is Accused of Raping Two More Boys

American R&B star R. Kelly, whose main hit was the song I Believe I Can Fly, was accused of raping underage boys. According to new data, in 2006, the singer met a teenager at McDonald's, whom he invited to his studio where he initiated a sexual act. The boy was 17 years old. Then he met a 16-year-old boy's friend, with whom he had sexual contact. The musician also forced several sexual partners (including a minor) to have sex with a young man while the camera was on.

Now, the prosecutor insists that these and a dozen other crimes of the singer were additionally considered at the court hearing scheduled for August 9. At the moment, the owner of the Grammy will be responsible by law for the distribution of child pornography and sexual abuse of minors. By this moment, his case concerns only six women and girls, whose names are classified.

R. Kelly has already spent two years in jail awaiting trial. According to the prosecution, the crimes occurred between 1998 and 2010. However, the first rumors about the inclinations of the popular musician appeared in 1994, when he secretly married 15-year-old singer Aaliyah. In 2001, the singer was accused of harassment by a 17-year-old intern, and in 2002 two more lawsuits were filed against him concerning child pornography. In addition, in 2017, an article was published in which R. Kelly was accused of creating a "sex sect" where six girls were against their will.

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