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Top 10 Hilarious R Kelly Memes: Moments From The Interview With The Rapper

In February 2019, Chicago police arrested R Kelly on charges of four women. Three of them were not even 17 years old at the time of the crimes. Ten incidents are under investigation, some of which have been classified as rape. They all happened from 1998 to 2010.

R Kelly best memes

The criminal case has not yet been completed. But one of the victims went to court with a civil claim, demanding that the musician pay her monetary compensation. At the time of the rape in 1998, she was only 16 years old. The rapper has other problems as well. He recently went to jail after being seriously in debt in child support payments to one of his children. And people refuse to listen to his songs because of accusations of rape, the creation of a sex cult, and pedophilia.

Despite such a terrible story and actions of the musician, users of social networks still found something funny during one of his interviews and made a lot of memes out of it. We suggest looking at 10 R Kelly memes and not being so serious, but just laughing.

The meme traces the theme of the musician's detention and the child is at a loss why R. Kelly wants to see him. After all, he was arrested for the fact that the girls were only 16 years old, what if he wants to invite children to appear in the video?

R Kelly memes

If you do not know this guy, then we’ll explain to you what unites them with Robert Kelly and why they cry at this meme. This guy is being tried for the same reason as R. Kelly and most likely they’ll go to jail for a crime. Who do you think is best?

Robert Kelly meme

During the interview, musician R. Kelly stood up and started waving his arms. He also shouted something in his defense and thus caused a wave of funny pictures. This R Kelly meme video became very popular and many people learned about who he was and what he did.

The way R. Kelly burst into tears in the interview instantly became memes and now social media users create funny pictures. Also, the rapper said this phrase “I’m fighting for my f ***ing life” and now they started to insert it into all R Kelly jokes.

R Kelly jokes

The rapper R. Kelly was tested, but not on the well-known COVID-19 virus, but a funny version of SHEWASNT-19. The result was positive, which means that he is guilty. This is, of course, a joke about the fact that he was detained due to the rape of underage girls who went to court.

r kelly meme covid

It is a very funny meme about the fact that the rapper would turn his attention to any minor object. And it doesn't matter at all whether it is the moon or the girl, he still wants to rape them. It's both funny and scary to realize that there are a lot of people like R. Kelly.

Best of R Kelly Memes that can be used in any situation when you are bored or very tired. One phrase “Ya’ll killing me with this s**t” instead of a thousand words. Very funny GIF because rapper R. Kelly looks like an offended girl in hysterics.

Best of R Kelly

If you see R Kelly next to it, then don't mention the kids. After all, imperfectly summer girls are what is needed for such a person because he thinks only about this. Perhaps the benchmark embarked on the path of truth, but this does not in any way negate his terrible actions in the past.

R Kelly Beep Beep

The interviewer had to calm down R. Kelly because he suddenly stood up and started making a strange speech. But he amused the creators of the R Kelly Beep Beep memes and from this situation, they made a lot of funny R Kelly GIFs about how the rapper screams and behaves inappropriately.

R Kelly GIFs

R Kelly funny meme about an orange sheet of paper on his forehead blew up the Internet, besides, the rapper was crying at that moment. Considering that some users and media personalities were against such memes, it turned out to be too funny.

R Kelly toot toot

The authors of the blog ask you not to take such R Kelly toot toot memes to heart but just laugh at the jokes. In addition, some of them have nothing to do with the incident, but simply describe the funny behavior of the rapper R. Kelly.

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