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Rapper Kanye West Decided To Change His Name to Ye Which Is His Pseudonym

Rapper Kanye West Decided To Change His Name to Ye Which Is His Pseudonym

Kanye Omari West decided to change his name: the rapper has filed a formal petition in court to be called Ye. He explained the change of name for "personal reasons." For West's new name to become official, the rapper's petition must be signed by a California judge, and the changed name must be published in several newspapers. The word Ye is the rapper's pseudonym and is also related to the title of his album, which was released in 2018.

This night, at the stadium in Chicago, the third (and, it seems, the last) presentation of Kanye West's new album took place. This time, Marilyn Manson and DaBaby came to support the rapper, which has already become a reason for a scandal: both performers are now involved in unpleasant things. Manson is accused of rape, and DaBaby is accused of homophobia. However, the company looked good on the porch of Kanye's mother's house, which was specially recreated at the stadium.

Kim Kardashian walked through the entire stadium straight to Kanye, wearing her wedding dress. At least, the audience recognized her in the girl. In previous presentations, Kim was present only in the stands. Before meeting a girl in a veil, Kanye went out to the audience, engulfed in flames. Fans are not yet sure if he performed the stunt on his own (as was the case with his "ascension" at the last concert).

The American rapper also presented an audio speaker that allows you to remix the sounding song. The speaker can isolate parts of songs by controlling vocals, drums, bass, and samples, and add effects. The speaker is expected to go on sale in the US and UK for 200 dollars in conjunction with Kanye West's new album, Donda.

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