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Recent research found out which screams affect humans the most


Primates use only screams to express anger and fear but humans, on contrary, can scream while experiencing at least 6 states: when they are angry, frightened, sad, feel pain, pleasure, and delight. And although humans together with other species share the ability to indicate danger by screaming, it turns out that only humans use screams to express positive emotions such as joy or pleasure, say the authors of new research studying screams.

What type of scream do you think people will translate better and faster? And the answer is not anxious screams such as anger or horror. Research has shown that people respond more quickly to screams of delight or pleasure. Scientists often assume that primates and humans detect danger and threat signals in the environment as a survival mechanism. Although this seems to be true only for primates and other species. People scream in a state of surprise and delight, as well as when they are frightened. According to four tests, humans seem to be better at handling this kind of screaming.

While listening to the screams, it was discovered that participants' brains responded faster and more accurately to positive screams, not to anxious ones. The fact is that people are faced with more difficult life situations than chimpanzees and other primates. For example, in family life, people usually hear expressions of delight and joy, not expressions of fear. Therefore, they respond more quickly to these prompts.

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