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John Kricfalusi – Author Of The Best Psychedelic And Shocking TV Series Ren And Stimpy Log

The Ren & Stimpy Show

The Ren & Stimpy Show is perhaps the most provocative animated series that Nickelodeon has played. The plots of all episodes with the participation of reckless animals, Chihuahua Ren and Stimpy the cat, are inextricably linked with such burning topics as shit, sex and all kinds of perversions that usually show bad manners in the animated industry. A crazy parody of classic children's cartoons, focused primarily on coprophilous aesthetes and slowly going crazy psychos with a perverted mind.

Ren And Stimpy Log is the fruit of the struggle of its animator John Krisfalusi against the established standards of traditional Disney-style animation, in which, by his own admission, "everything is very beautiful and cool, only too sleek and rarely funny." This is one of the weirdest TV shows. Also has excellent drawing quality. It is filled with surrealism, paranoia and SUDDENLY classical music. Ren And Stimpy creator has never taken any banned substances.


one of the weirdest TV shows

In the eighties, John Kricfalusi was involved in the production of the so-called "Saturday morning shows" - low-rated low-budget frankly shitty animated series, playing the role of "filler" of the air. Finally, in 1989, John realized that his talent for shit-making was too limited here, and together with his friends he founded his own animation studio called "Spümcø".

Initially, the idea was rejected by all channels, and already when John was about to send everything and abandon the series, he suddenly agreed to show MTV in 1991. On this channel, the cartoon gained immense popularity, and the children's (sic!) Nickelodeon channel, to which John sold all the rights, began to broadcast it. That did not stop him from fighting with the now bosses about the level of violence and the quality of humor in the show.

Ren and Stimpy Characters

Marlene Ren T. Goek is a consumptive dog of the Chihuahua breed, a psychopath, a snob, a lover of violence and other perversions, subject to frequent bouts of rage and idiocy. A kind of lazy nervous materialist, he is looking for benefits everywhere, and at the same time he is not devoid of some kind of sentimentality.

Stimpson J. Cat is a tailless Manx, the complete opposite of Ren: good-natured, fat and outrageously stupid. The local googler who collects his boogers loves to eat cat litter from his toilet and often gets pounded in the face by Ren, which is not surprising.

George Liquor - originally conceived by Krisfalusi as the owner of Ren and Stimpy, but Nickelodeon for something disliked the character (probably for the surname). George later received his own flash show, The Goddamn George Liquor Program.

Adult Party Cartoon

ren stimpy show Adult Party Cartoon

In 2002, one of the owners of Nickelodeon abruptly asked Krisfalusi to resume work on The Ren and Stimpy Show for another channel, Spike TV. The project was subtitled Ren And Stimpy Adults Party Cartoon and in 2003 aired as the sixth season of The Ren and Stimpy Show. The fact that Spike TV was aimed at an older audience untied the cartoonists' hands.

Most of the situations played out in the show were suggested by the fans themselves, some were rejected at one time by the leadership of Nickelodeon. In this series, the level of delusion, schizophrenia and psychedelicity exceeds all permissible norms: clear hints of sex between the main characters, scenes of female nudity and violence.

The show began with the Ren And Stimpy banned episode on Nickelodeon - "Man's Best Friend". But Krisfalusi's inability to deliver the project on time and on schedule again played a role: out of six episodes, only three aired. This circumstance, as well as negative criticism of the new Ren And Stimpy episodes, forced Spike TV to close the shop, although John was planning a second season, and even a feature film.

By the way, the Ren And Stimpy age rating of the "Adult Party Cartoon" project was 18+ and 21+. At the moment, this series has not been shown on TV since 1996. If you are now interested in where can I watch Ren And Stimpy, then the Internet would help.

Ren and Stimpy Memes


happy happy joy joy

Perhaps the most famous meme "The Ren and Stimpy Show" associated with the song of the same name. He appeared in a series where Stimpy invents the "Helmet of Happiness", and puts it on the eternally disgruntled Ren, after which Ren really feel like a happy stoned junkie, singing along with "HAPPY-HAPPY, JOY-JOY".

Ren Snaps / You Dare Not Agree with X

Ren Snaps / You Dare Not Agree with X

The meme appeared thanks to the "Stimpy Fan Club" series, where Ren sits in the presidential chair and yells at someone on the phone, after which he presses the big red button and a piece of the Earth explodes to hell.The blog authors advise you to watch this series. You would understand what real trash and surrealism are. If you are a fan of video games, then fans have created Ren And Stimpy games that you can also hang out in.

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